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The star of London’s skyline, the London Eye is a towering modern attraction in the midst of the city’s old-world charm. The Eye stands on the banks of the Thames River and is the most popular paid attraction of the city with 3.5 million visitors annually. The 443 feet high wheel is a calm, relaxing affair, as it takes half an hour to take you on a complete round.

Witness the majestic glory of London from the land to the skies from all angles, as the glass pods of the wheel provide stunning 360-degree views. Spot the major attractions of London, from Buckingham Palace and Big Ben to the Tower of London and even the Queen’s Windsor Castle, and know for yourself why the ‘Millennium Wheel’ was named the London Eye

London Eye Experiences

There’s more to the London Eye Experience than a simple ride on the gigantic wheel. The views of the cityscape from the Eye are breathtaking, but what if you can enjoy those 30 minutes from a private space? From private pods to quality champagnes, the London Eye promises an experience matching the city’s royal reputation. Savour the serenity of the Thames as you cruise through its waters, sip fine champagne with your partner as you ride the Eye or experience true 360-degree views of the city – London Eye Experiences include them all and more!

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River Cruise

The perfect way to complement a London Eye tour is to hop aboard a river cruise. The Thames, London’s lifeline, offers an incomparable tour experience as you sail on its waters and explore the city. Cruise across some of London’s most iconic landmarks, from the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and the Tower of London. Witness the magnificence of the Shard and the HMS Belfast as the city unravels its beautiful secrets to you. Relish on English style snacks like cakes and tea, or sip on some sparkling wine while listening to soulful music. By the time you hop off the cruise, London would have taken your breath away.

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Champagne Experiences

If you want a glass of champagne with your London Eye experience, your wish has been granted! Come aboard with your partner through the Fast Track entrance, so you don’t spend your precious time waiting in queues. Be at leisure as your host pours out your glasses of chilled Pommery Brut Royal Champagne. As your pod rises and the cityscape begins to unravel, spot the iconic landmarks and be awestruck by the all-around views of London. Unwind, chat, and click some memorable selfies with the jaw-dropping backdrop. If you are looking for some perfect date ideas, Champagne Experiences at the London Eye is the answer to your wishes.

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Pub Pod

The Pub Pod is a London Eye’s very own small pub, situated in one of its capsule. Enjoy a drink of your choice as you take in the glorious London landscape and witness the city’s major attractions. As the wheel rotates, you become part of the highest pub in the city, albeit for a few moments. The Eye offers the quintessential pub experience high up in the air with the Irish whiskey brand Jameson. The Pub Pod has a fully functional bar, dartboard, wooden barrel décor and a dark green accent, creating an intimate experience for visitors. The drinks on offer are the two of the brand’s most popular – a classic Jameson ‘signature serve’ Ginger and Lime, and the Jameson Orange Highball that carries a hint of zesty orange. You can also choose from a selection of beers and wines in London’s rotating pub.

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Private Pods

Experiences in London Eye get better with the Private Pods. If you want to admire the cityscape within your personal space with your group, the London Eye has provisions for that as well. The Private Pods can be booked for two to twenty-five people, so if you want to spend some time with your partner or with your whole group, as you enjoy a calming view, book your private space on this gorgeous joyride. You will also get Fast Track boarding, so no waiting in long queues to start on your delightful escapade.

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360 Degree View

A classic London Eye experience on one of its 32 pods is the simplest way to witness the charm of the city. The transparent glass of the pods and their architectural style allows visitors to have a perfect 360-degree view of everything that surrounds them. As the wheel does a 360-degree rotation, prepare to be awed by stunning views of the Thames running through London, the Buckingham Palace, the Westminster Abbey, and the Big Ben. Spot the Tower of London, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and everything else that lies within a 40-kilometre radius of the Eye, probably even the Windsor Castle. As the 30-minute ride comes to an end, you would have witnessed every attraction that London has to offer.

London Eye
4D Cinema Experience

The London Eye 4D Cinema Experience is among the popular experiences in London Eye. When you purchase the tickets and wait in line, a short film on the creation of the London Eye keeps you engaged. Around 160 visitors enter the Hall every 8 minutes to immerse in an affair that adds a touch of wonder to the London Eye experience. Visitors need to stand on the four levels of the hall to watch the 4-minute short film. The story follows a girl’s imagination of exploring London from a bird’s eye view. What follows is not simply watching a 3D film, but sensing all that you see on screen. It snows in the hall when it snows on screen, it rains on screen and it touches you too, and you can feel the wind in your hair as you ‘fly’ through London.

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Is the London Eye experience safe for kids?

    The London Eye experience is absolutely safe for kids. The Eye welcomes everyone, irrespective of their age, to engage in the serene adventure.

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