About The London Eye River Cruise

Make the best out of your next trip to London by hopping on an amazing river cruise that lets you embrace the city’s beautiful landmarks in just 40 minutes. Enjoy a memorable day on the London Eye River cruise that hovers over the exquisite River Thames and takes you along for a soothing ride through the heart of London.

The cruise begins from the London Eye to Tower Bridge and back. It’s a circular tour, meaning it does not halt at other docks throughout the interval of the cruise. The cruise takes off from the London Eye port and escorts you on a tour to feast your eyes on the House of Parliament, The Tower of London, Big Ben, the Tower Bridge, Shakespeare’s Globe, ST. Paul’s Cathedral, and so much more. The river cruise also has audio commentary in a variety of languages.

As the London Eye River cruise passes through these many famous sights, brace yourself for a delightful English experience by treating yourself with some afternoon tea and delicious British snacks like sandwiches or pastries. Grab your first chance to board the London Eye that lets you witness the glorious city from up above, during your river cruise.

London Eye River Cruise Deals

Why To Book London Eye River Cruise online?

Booking London Eye River cruise tickets online not only confirms your early spot on the cruise, but it also makes your trip hassle-free with valuable discounts. It also includes the London Eye ticket which is difficult to purchase in person as it gets crowded easily. You don’t have to physically take your ticket along with you as your e-ticket is displayed on your phone for barcodes scanning.

London Eye River Cruise
  • Roll up your sleeves to embark on a 40-minutes spectacular cruise departing from The London Eye Pier on the River Thames.
  • Sightseeing of famous attractions like the House of parliament, Big Ben, St. Paul’s Cathedral, the famous Tower Bridge, and more.
  • Live audio commentary from a friendly English guide about the city’s rich heritage and a pre-recorded commentary in over 8 different languages.
  • Take a ride on the London Eye and have a 4-D experience of sightseeing the center of the city.
  • Breathtaking views of Canary Wharf, the iconic HMS Belfast (a Royal Navy Warship), and the Shard, the highest viewpoint in London.
  • Relax at the cruise’s upper deck and dive in a stunning 360-degree experience of the city tour.
  • Savor some delicious British snacks and an afternoon tea or coffee with your friends.

Famous Attractions To Spot While On London Eye River Cruise

Tower of london.jpg
Tower of London

The history of a royal residence, an armory, and a formidable castle that still stands tall is recounted via the walls of the Tower of London. It has served as a royal house, a treasury, and a zoo, but it is best known for its epic historical significance. You can find the famous Waterloo Barracks, housing some of the magnificent Crown Jewels, such as the late Queen Mother’s platinum crown studded with the 106-carat Koh I Noor diamond. The Waterloo also owns the Imperial State Crown, which the monarch wore at the State Opening of Parliament. The Ravens are a fascinating part of the Tower of London, as per the centuries old superstitions, the kingdom will crumble if the raven were to ever leave the castle.

Tower Bridge.jpg
Tower Bridge

The renowned Tower Bridge connects you to the Victorian London, highlighting the city's historical elements from the outset. The Tower Bridge provides panoramic views of London, including the Tower of London, St. Paul's Cathedral, the Shard, Canary Wharf, and Shooters Hill to the west and east, respectively. Since the Tower Bridge is located on the River Thames, it can be seen from the London Eye and River Cruise. Glass flooring on the bridge allows you to see the wonderful metropolis of London from a fresh perspective. The bridge is so enormous that a plane flew between the bascules and the walkway in 1912 and it looks really gigantic when you glide under the bridge from your river cruise.

House of Parliament.jpg
House of Parliament

The Houses of Parliament, often known as the Palace of Westminster, are split into two houses and a hall; the House of Commons, House of Lords, and Westminster Hall. Take a walk inside the throbbing soul of British politics and be amazed by this iconic London landmark that can be spotted from the London Eye River Cruise. The House of Commons and Westminster Hall are also well-known for being the venue of the trial of Guy Fawkes, the man accused of attempting to blow up the Houses of Parliament. Relish the astonishing architecture of the place as you cruise through its waterfronts.

HMS Belfast.jpg
HMS Belfast

The London Eye Cruise takes you past the massive HMS Belfast, a popular tourist destination set on the River Thames. She is the most important surviving Royal Navy warship from WWII. She is a gigantic but light cruise ship that was first launched some 80 years ago in 1938. During D-Day and the Korean War, she assisted in defeating the Nazi Battleship Sand, which was pounding the Normandy coast. The HMS Belfast has 9 decks, where some of the decks are visible on the River Cruise. The huge engine room and the highest deck, called the Flag Deck, are so magnificently enormous and stunning that you can clearly see them while your river cruise passes through. It’s an all white ship that stays still, so you can take several photos with it.

St. Paul’s Cathedral

The Bishop of London is enthroned in St. Paul's Cathedral, an Anglican cathedral in London. The edifice's majestic architecture reveals a fascinating history that spans throughout different ages. After being burnt in the Great Fire of London in 1666, the cathedral was rebuilt by Sir Christopher Wren and consecrated in 1710. The distinctive dome stands 111 meters tall, making it one of the world's highest cathedral domes. As your cruise passes through the Cathedral, you can take in the beautiful vitas along the central aisle. The edifice looks gigantic as the dome is pretty much visible on the cruise. You can take tons of pictures while standing in front of the Cathedral on your cruise, while the English Guide narrates the history of the building.

Big Ben.jpg
Big Ben

The Big Ben, or the Great Bell, of the chiming clock at the northern end of the Palace of Westminster, is London's most recognized tourist attraction. It's a gigantic 13-ton bell that's housed inside the clock tower. It's a must-see attraction, especially at night when it's illuminated along the River Thames and leaves an indelible impact. It can be seen from the London Eye and River Cruise, where you can take photos and videos without actually visiting the Big Ben. It is not only a well-known tourist attraction around the world, but it is also a symbol of Parliamentary democracy and a feature of the Palace of Westminster in London.

Why Experience The London Eye Cruise?

  • The London Eye Cruise lets you take pleasure in the spectacular views of some magnificent attractions in London via a cruise that runs along the River Thames. The attractions are the Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, St Paul’s Cathedral, the Tower of London, the Tower Bridge, and more.
  • The London Eye River Cruise is the best way to explore central London in just 40 minutes where the cruise departs from the County Hall and comes back to the same point so that you still remain on the South Bank and enjoy the rest of your day accordingly.
  • The London Eye and River cruise also lets you hop onto the London Eye observational capsule that lets you relish some panoramic 4-D views of London as the capsule glides over the River Thames.
  • The Cruise is not only an amazing adventure to follow, it also lets you learn a lot about the history of the attractions that you get to see on your cruise. And the best part is that you can ask questions to a friendly guide that’s in charge of the English Commentary.

Know Before You Go To the London Eye River Cruise

Essential Information
How to Reach
Essential Information.webp
  • Boarding Point: The London Eye Cruise departs from The London Eye Pier and the entrance to the pier is located to the left of The London Eye. It’s also known as the BoardingEye Point

  • Timings: The London Eye opens daily from 11:00 am to 04:45 pm.

  • Best time to Visit The summer season from March to mid-June in London is the perfect time to take the London Eye Cruise. It appears to be ideal because it’s the best time for sightseeing on the cruise as it stays bright during the day, allowing you to see up to 30 kilometers into the distance.

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London Eye River Cruise FAQs

How long should one spend on the London Eye River Cruise?

    The duration of the London Eye River Cruise is around 40 minutes without any halt in between, offering amazing views of famous city landmarks, such as Big Ben, Tower of London, and more.

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